Recently, we highlighted the top game genres in China. As part of our discussion, we noted that looking only at the most popular genres by number of games on the top grossing lists can mask the dominance of individual titles in genres where network effects or marketing challenges can offer near monopoly opportunities for the top games.

As a case in point, we mentioned King of Glory, the leading MOBA in China (in Chinese: 王者荣耀; search for “Honour of Kings” on AppAnnie). While only two MOBAs overall make the list of the top grossing 200 or so games, one of the two, King of Glory, rules the top of the Chinese revenue charts.

In their latest report on the Chinese mobile market, research firm Newzoo and their partner Talking Data give another look at the utter dominance of King of Glory within the MOBA category.

Some interesting points from the report:

  • * In April, nearly 20% of King of Glory’s players were paying users, with over 18% of those payers spending more than $75.
  • * By itself, the game generated $1 billion in top-line revenue in 2016. This places it in the extreme upper reaches of mobile games worldwide, rarified air occupied by the likes of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. And, unlike those games from SuperCell, King of Glory is largely played only in the Chinese domestic market.
  • * Nearly 10% of all Android devices in China have King of Glory installed. This puts the game near the top install rate of all apps in China. By comparison, Vainglory, the top Western-developed mobile MOBA in China, is installed on less than 1% of all devices.

The graphic below further drives home the point of King of Glory’s ownership of the MOBA category in China. Compare King of Glory to its closest rivals. Installed on nearly 10% of devices, and with almost 4% of those users considered active, King of Glory looks poised to dominate the MOBA market — and the top-grossing charts — for some time to come.



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