The Four Pillars Supporting Our Mission

Company Sourcing

At Joyme Capital, we understand that innovation of gaming businesses is closely related the industry dynamics. This also means that the industry is full of spot opportunities generated from companies of different scale. The identification of unicorns requires specialized knowledge and experiences in sourcing the right group of companies from the start.

Growth Evaluation and Forecasting

Our executive team consists of industry veterans and experienced investors. They evaluate gaming companies utilizing their deep knowledge in gaming business models, platforms, hardware support, and more. All these shape Joyme Capital’s unique understanding of the “Economies” of a Deal in the gaming industry.


Both vertical and horizontal business investments create value in the realm of gaming. Joyme Capital understands this and actively makes analytical decisions in investment. More importantly, we deploy capital efficiently to create traction and value.


Joyme Capital’s investment thrives for the exponential growth of early-stage gaming companies by helping young companies build scalable business models. Joyme Capital positions these companies for rapid growth while letting them retain freedom and independence.

Why work with us?

As independent investors, we understand that the gaming industry landscape is complex. Our teams of industry veterans are here to help you navigate through the muddy waters of the industry. Joyme Capital’s executive team brings functional and sectoral capabilities into invested companies, resulting in high exit value and high return to shareholders.

As gaming industry professionals, your innovations need capital support of investors who understand startup culture, entrepreneurship, and the ever-changing market pulse. We amplify your strengths by providing the right tools for promising growth.

As leaders of the industry, Joyme Capital is holistically thinking about how to grow the entire gaming industry, and how your company can be part of this. Your success is our success.