Helping Developers
Succeed in China’s Complex Gaming Market

Connect with Millions of Active Users in China

Connect with
Millions of Active Users
in China

Joyme hosts one of the most dynamic and highly trafficked user engagement platforms with more than 15 million active users through Joyme Wiki, which is supported by over 30,000 passionate contributors, 3 million game guides and 12 million app downloads. Joyme Wiki connects with millions more through a relationship with Youku Todou.

Advanced User-Generated Content Platform

Content Platform

Through Joyme Laiwan, developers have access to in-game communities as well as a recording feature offering players advanced video-capture with one-key upload to Youku Tudou, China’s largest video sharing service. Youku Tudou makes sharing easy to social media platforms including WeChat, Weibo and others. The tool already is a big stage for Chinese gaming celebrities and esporters.

Publishing Game Distribution & Development

Game Distribution
& Development

Joyme knows the technology, game development, game players and what works culturally in China and currently manages nearly 100 robust mobile game publishing channels and supports more than 500 game developers. In addition, through a joint venture between Youku Tudou, Joyme Group is also developing and publishing popular IP owned by Alibaba and Youku Tudou into premium games under the brand, Heyijoy. This further strengthens the company's position and influence on gaming content in China.

Capital & Marketing Support

Capital & Marketing

Through financial support and marketing know-how from Joyme Capital and their partners, developers can introduce their western games to all facets of Chinese gaming.