Joyme Capital is a mid-stage investment fund that connects innovative game development studios and technology providers with some of the world’s largest video game markets through its affiliation with Alibaba's eWTP Innovation Fund.

We are shaping tomorrow’s video game industry by investing in companies at the Series A-B stage who demonstrate high value potential and thrive with our guidance, domain expertise and industry experience.

What does Joyme Capital do?

Connect with Millions of Active Users in China Connect with Millions of Active Users in China

Building a strategic investment portfolio of companies that operate across different genres and functions within the video game industry; thus ensuring a high return for our shareholders while managing risks.

Advanced User-Generated Content Platform Advanced User-Generated Content Platform

Connecting game developers with global leaders. Leveraging our team's industry expertise and unparalleled worldwide connections through our affiliation with eWTP Innovation Fund and Alibabba enables us to add strategic value to our investment portfolio.

Publishing Game Distribution & Development Publishing Game Distribution & Development

Driving monetization in some of the world's largest video game markets with market intelligence and cultural sensitivity. Our growing footprint currently includes North America, China, Southeast Asia, India and MENA - collectively, these regions make up nearly half the Earth's population and represent the fastest growing coverage of Internet and mobile users.