Joyme Capital is an investment firm focused on helping mobile and PC game developers realize their global potential by connecting them to the world’s largest gaming market, China.

Joyme Capital invests in Western games that we can bring to Chinese mobile and PC gamers. We leverage our unique set of publishing and distribution resources in China to ensure that our strategic investments in established mobile and PC game developers and publishers maximize everyone’s success. We offer developers:

Connect with Millions of Active Users in China Connect with Millions of Active Users in China


Joyme hosts one of the most dynamic and highly trafficked user engagement platforms with more than 15 million active users through Joyme Wiki, which is supported by over 30,000 passionate contributors, 3 million game guides and 12 million app downloads. Joyme Wiki connects with even more millions through an exclusive relationship with Youku Todou.

Advanced User-Generated Content Platform Advanced User-Generated Content Platform


With significant presence both in China and the West, Joyme understands the challenges and opportunities of both markets. We know what Western game developers care about, and we know how to deliver that in the Chinese market.

Publishing Game Distribution & Development Publishing Game Distribution & Development


Joyme Group develops and publishes games based on popular IP owned by Alibaba and Youku Tudou into premium games under the brand, Heyijoy. Our expertise in publishing our own games in China makes us ideal partners for Western developers looking to expand across the Pacific.

Capital & Marketing Support Capital & Marketing Support


We know that successful companies know their markets and customers better than we do. While our investment model makes it critical for us to secure a stake in our partner companies, we are true partners. Joyme ensures that our developer-partners maintain full independence for product development and operations in current markets – we will amplify your success by helping you bring your titles to China.