Joyme Capital is an investment fund that focuses on helping mobile game developers by connecting them to some of the world’s largest gaming markets.

With in-depth industry knowledge and wealth of resources, Joyme Capital shapes tomorrow’s gaming industry by investing early in companies with high potential. These companies thrive with our guidance, domain expertise, and experience.

What does Joyme Capital do?

Connect with Millions of Active Users in China Connect with Millions of Active Users in China

Build an investment portfolio strategically, encompassing gaming-related companies of different genres and operational functions: this ensures the high return of shareholders while managing risks at reasonable levels.

Advanced User-Generated Content Platform Advanced User-Generated Content Platform

Position to help mobile game developers: our professional team leverages our industry expertise and unparallel worldwide connections to add strategic value to our investment portfolio.

Publishing Game Distribution & Development Publishing Game Distribution & Development

Utilize significant footprint on some of the world's largest gaming markets to drive monetization: China, Southeast Asia, India, and the UAE. This list is still growing together with our market intelligence and cultural sensitivity.